Financial Solutions for Retirement

Investment Advice

Important Factors in Choosing Investments

  • Preservation of Principle - Safety
  • Balancing Portfolio Risk
  • Matching the investments with unique client experience, desires and risk tolerance.
  • Maintaining comfort zone
  • Maximizing Net Returns to client (what you truly end up with)

The Investment Products we work with are

  • No-loads (NO third party compensation/commissions)
  • No-load securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s) and Annuities
  • Other Investments (real estate, trust deeds)
  • Insurance (long term care, health, Medicare)


Through the recommendation of financial products, FOR RETIRED ONLY™ offers assistance in implementing (executing) a plan tailored to your retirement needs and objectives.

Drawing from a broad spectrum of available services and products, as well as through referral to outside specialists, we can offer you the comprehensive analysis-strategy-implementation-monitor (ASIM) package.

Whether FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is assisting you with specific investment portfolio advice, insurance products to reduce risk, or helping you expedite the process by locating cost-efficient and manageable methods; FOR RETIRED ONLY™ is a full-service provider.