RETIREMENT REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS main objective is to provide our clients with guidance in their real estate decisions by evaluating the implications and benefits of such choices. As an affiliate of FOR RETIRED ONLY™, our clients range exclusively from those nearing retirement to those in the later stages of life. We offer our clients objective advice and direction with the following questions (to name a few).

  • Can I retire and still keep my house?
  • How can I retire off my real estate? (exchange, financing options, management issues)
  • What real estate income-producing investments are the best fit for my retirement financial plan?
  • Do I change the type of property I live in? (eg. move to a condo)
  • How can I age in my own home?
  • Is down-sizing a good idea?
  • In making eldercare decisions, (how) do we keep the family home?
  • What are my alternatives for making my real estate investments hassle free?
  • What are the financial benefits and risks of the various distribution options when inheriting real estate?
  • Can I retire elsewhere - and if so - what should I be considering?
  • Should we pay off our mortgage? What are the pros and cons?

Issues that may effect property ownership in retirement can include: maintenance, location/proximity to needed services, your personal health and family. Additional factors such as weather, convenience and quality healthcare are examined as part of the over-all retirement real estate solution.

As hourly consultants, RETIREMENT REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS differ from ordinary brokers in that their interests are aligned with the clients’ financial needs - not commissions. Client’s receive the expertise of a Certified Financial Planner™ with over 30 years of experience in real estate investments. By assisting in the implementation of the client’s decision, we can ensure optimal financial results.

Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Selling strategies to maximize net financial return
  • Tax deferred exchanges
  • Hassle-free, revenue-producing Real Estate investments
  • Advantageous negotiation expertise
  • Overseeing sales process to ensure expectations are not only met, but where possible, exceeded
  • Structuring terms of sale with additional latitude to meet objectives
  • Expert advise on variety of Direct and Managed Real Estate investments

We consider the consequences of immediate versus delayed selling choices, in an effort to minimize tax implications; ensuring maximum assets are retained.