Pre-Retirement Planning

Are You Ready ?

FOR RETIRED ONLY™ Pre-Retirement Planning is awindow of opportunity” to prepare those considering or entering into retirement to adjust to the financial realities they could face. Few recognize the sheer importance of pre-planning. The results of inaction can be devastating.

By enlightening our clients to the Three Phases of Retirement: The Active Phase, The Slowing-down Phase and The Limited Phasewe can explain and financially project for each of the successive phases.  By detailing the possible issues, risks and parameters inherent in these phases, we can help you get the best out of your golden years.

We aim to assist our clients in developing realistic retirement goals, considering their lifestyle, income, expenses and overall objectives. We can help you or your loved-ones with the following Advanced Planning assessments, ensuring your personal choices are achievable.

  • Determining needs and expenses for all stages of retirement
  • Evaluating all potential income sources
  • Review and consolidation of your existing assets
  • Understanding financial risks in retirement and solutions
  • Altering the allocation of your investments to meet retirement needs
  • Optimal distribution strategies for retirement funds
  • Resourcing available benefits (Medicare, Social Security, Employer)
  • Estate and Legacy planning
  • How to retire securely and comfortably

When assisting our clients in designing a comprehensive retirement plan, some of the key factors FRO takes into account are: age, income, savings, rate-of return on investments, expected years in retirement, projected true inflation and marital status.

Considering changes such as reduced physical/mental abilities or unexpected life events, FOR RETIRED ONLY™ encourages Advanced Planning, providing significant protection, financial preservation and peace of mind