Long Term Care Plan

Long Term Care Insurance or other facilitating strategies

FOR RETIRED ONLY’S Long Term Care advice is built around our client’s individual needs, financial resources and concerns. Our aim is to reduce the possibility devouring life-long savings to fund the exorbitant costs of eldercare.

By transferring this risk to the right provider of Long Term Care Insurance, elder individuals can maintain their independence and dignity, legacy plan and personal level of comfort. A cost/benefit Long Term Care program, appropriate to an individual’s particular situation, requires the expertise of a seasoned advisor with access to a number of different Long Term Care products or strategies who is able to integrate this with the overall financial plan.

  • LTC Insurance, or other LTC strategies, is about maintaining the ability and freedom to make care-choices.
  • Protect against spending-down all of your hard-earned assets on eldercare.
  • You are NOT likely to qualify for Medicaid, which only covers nursing-home stays, unless you qualify as impoverished. Advanced planning can provide other possibilities.
  • Protect your loved-ones. Do you want to force the responsibility and costs of your eldercare on your partner or spouse? The price to the caregiver can be enormous and sometimes life threatening. It would be terrible if your spouse was left with virtually NO assets for his/her own retirement care. LTC Insurance gives the caregiver relief and assistance with the demands of care-giving.
  • If your wish is to bequest a financial legacy (inheritance) to family/friends/a desired organization; LTC insurance can help you retain the financial resources to fulfill those important objectives.
  • Have you ever considered the indignity of being toileted and diapered by strangers in a public environment? The right LTC Insurance can avoid this.

FOR RETIRED ONLY’s Long Term Care Advisor will help guide you on important issues such as:

  • When is the best time to purchase such coverage?
  • How to structure a program that suits your needs
  • Choose the appropriate company for your circumstances
  • Explain the policies determinants (triggers) to receive benefits
  • Intricacies of policies: inflation, elimination and benefit periods, return of premium
  • Offer alternatives to LTC Insurance if you do not qualify
  • Help you ‘read between the lines’ on fine-print policy documents
  • Tax advantages built-in to LTC Insurance

Are you in Denial?
Longevity can mean…

  • Decreased Mobility and Dexterity
  • Decreased Strength and Stamina
  • Mental Impairments
    • Decreased speed of processing information
    • Decreased response to changes in the environment
    • Loss of memory (ST and LT)
    • Decreased word finding ability
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Vision Complications
    • Decreased speed
    • Lighting – decreased ability to see in dim light
    • Inability reading fine print
    • Seeing changes in words (dyslexia)
  • Structural Problems
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Hips
    • Knees
  • Increased likelihood of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems
  • Social changes: Isolation, loss of peers and family
  • Reduced Sensory: vision, hearing, smell, thermal, taste