FOR RETIRED ONLY™ offers expert guidance incorporating an optimal return/minimal tax pension strategy into your overall retirement financial plan.

Retirement funds can be a significant percentage of total assets, therefore timely, strategic financial decisions are essential. Proper Retirement Distribution strategies should incorporate the whole financial planning objectives and needs of the retiree. The laws that regulate Retirement Plan Distributions are complicated and many. Without expert guidance, enormous costly mistakes can ensue. Unwanted, accelerated distribution may result in diminished value and loss of financial opportunity.

When an individual decides or is forced to take funds from a retirement plan, it is usually considered ordinary income, and taxed accordingly. For this reason, it is best to keep the distributions to a minimum, retaining tax deferred growth as well as minimizing taxes.

FOR RETIRED ONLY™ helps you implement a plan that effectively stretches your distribution. By reconfiguring your choices in beneficiaries, we can maximize assets and retain tax deferral status.

Life expectancy factors directly influence the required distributions.  Examples of these variables include: age of beneficiaries and type of ownership.

In managing retirement distribution, we also address the following:

  • IRA (traditional) versus ROTH
  • Advantages to converting to a ROTH IRA
  • When is NOT advantageous to roll-over all your pension
  • Early retirement and Sections72(t) – withdrawal exception
  • Managing Distributions from multiple retirement accounts
  • Reduce taxation on company stock
  • Charitable gifting
  • Contingent beneficiaries
  • Splitting IRA
  • Tax planning – Income versus Estate
  • Alternate tools to protect retirement plan assets – estate liquidity
  • Effect of pre-mature death on pension pay-out
  • Maximizing spousal exceptions

The goal in designing or altering a retirement plan distribution strategy is to meet the needed income stream on a minimum taxable basis, meanwhile allowing for continued asset growth and protection for your future needs or heirs. We look at the range of options as they would apply to each individual client situation.